Jemima and her friends have an adventure

Jemima (the girl with a serious smile), her dog Mutt (half labrador, half staffie, half everything else) and Lucky (“I’ve got four lucky rabbits feet”) the Angora rabbit, were waiting. They were waiting for Jemima’s mother to finish tucking them all into bed and shut the door. They were very excited because tonight they were … Continue reading Jemima and her friends have an adventure

Ashley’s Tropical Detox

From cool airplane air, Ashley stepped into a heated wall. “You’re sweating” pointed out her longtime boyfriend, maybe future husband. Attempting dignity, Ashley replied, “ladies glow”. Muttering “glowing like a fire engine”, he took off for the immigration counter. A new tropical nation stamp in her passport, she struggled to breathe, carry her case and … Continue reading Ashley’s Tropical Detox