Lemonade for all

“You can fill it all the way” piped up the hopeful voice behind the bar. “I’m allowed.” He moved towards me, glass in hand, smiling his missing middle tooth with pride.

“Did you mother say yes?” I looked around the room for an owner for the little one before me. “Yes. She said I could drink all the lemonade I wanted”. Again he smiled.

Remembering back as many years as I could, I thanked whatever gods look after small party etiquette, and replied “what a lovely mother you have. Here, this glass is bigger”, reaching for the long thin glass beside the flower arrangement.

Hopefully this child had not yet been to class where they demonstrated relative volume. And I would get away with this piece of benign trickery.

From the way the already beaming smile got wider, it seemed that a solution agreeable to all had been reached.

10 minutes in creative writing class. Create a main character and a secondary character who meet at a party/gathering. One of the characters wants something from the other, but the other character doesn’t want to give it.

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